1. Regarding the website

The current website www.cartaloto.net is published and operated by CARTALOTO, a limited liability company with a capital of €8,000, registered in Albi on the French Trade and Companies Register under the number 500 539 226 (siret number 50053922600034), its registered office is located at 6 bis, Chemin de Besse, ZA Fonlabour, 81000, Albi, France, and the intra-community VAT number is FR72500539226.

Together with the personal data protection policy, they form the entire conditions of use.

Responsible for publications: 
6 bis, Chemin de Besse, ZA Fonlabour, 81000 Albi, France
+33 (0)5 63 38 34 64 & contact@cartaloto.net

Hosted by: 
35 B Boulevard des Récollets - 31400 TOULOUSE - France 
Telephone:  + 33 (0)5  82 95 25 35

2. The purpose of the site 

The Cartaloto website (hereinafter the "website") is a commercial website that sells bingo equipment and accessories, products related to the lottery, ticketing, events communication and snacking equipment.  This site can be accessed at www.cartaloto.net.

3. General conditions of use of the site and the services offered

Use of the www.cartaloto.net website is free of charge, but implies full acceptance of the general conditions of use described below.These conditions of use may be modified or completed at any time, and users of the www.cartaloto.net site are therefore invited to consult them regularly.

Cartaloto cannot be held responsible in any way for any misuse of the service. This site is normally accessible to users at all times. However, Cartaloto may need to interrupt the site for technical maintenance purposes.

4. Limitation of liability

While we do our best to keep the information on this site up-to-date and accurate, it is possible that there may be some inaccuracies or mistakes. If you notice an error or what appears to be a malfunction, please report it to the following email address contact@cartaloto.net describing the problem as precisely as possible (the page causing the problem, the device and browser you are using, etc.) The illustrations and characteristics are not legally binding. 

5. Intellectual property and counterfeits

Copyright Cartaloto©. All rights reserved Reproduction of this site, scripts, HTML code, meta tags, modifications, publications graphics, images, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs and icons as well as their formatting are the exclusive property of the Cartaloto company with the exception of brands, logos or contents belonging to other partner companies or authors. Reproducing the site or using any of its components will be seen as an act of infringement and will be pursued under the provisions of articles L.335-2 and following the Intellectual Property Code. 

6. Personal data management

See the privacy policy for more information on data management and processing.

7. Hyperlinks and cookies

The site www.cartaloto.net contains a number of hypertext links to other sites, set up with the authorisation of Cartaloto. The site may also contain links to third-party sites, such as partners or social networks.

Cartaloto does not have the possibility to check the content of the sites thus visited, and consequently will not assume any responsibility for this.  Browsing the www.cartaloto.net website may result in the installation of cookies on the user's computer.

A cookie is a small file which does not identify a user, but that stores information relating to the user’s browsing on a site.  The data therefore obtained is intended to facilitate further browsing on the site and is also intended to allow us to measure the number of visits to the site.  Disabling cookies may make it impossible to access certain services.  However, to disable cookies, the user is able to configure their computer in the following way: 

In Internet Explorer:  

At the top of your browser click Tools, then Internet Options.  Click on Privacy tab, Advanced, and check Override Automatic Cookies, then click on OK.

In Chrome:  

At the top right, click More (set of three dots).  Select Settings.  Click on Privacy and Security. Click on Cookies and other site data. You can modify your cookies settings here.

In Firefox:  

In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click the Firefox button and select Preferences. ... Select the Privacy & Security panel. In the Enhanced Tracking Protection section, select Custom and check Cookies. Use the drop-down menu to choose the type of cookies to block.

In Safari:  

Click the Safari menu button, found at the top-left corner of the web page. Click Preferences. Click on Privacy and Security. Click the Privacy tab. Check the box under the Block all cookies tab.

8. Unsubscribing from the newsletter

If a user no longer wishes to receive information from Cartaloto, they can unsubscribe from the mailing list by sending an email to contact@cartaloto.net or by clicking on the unsubscribe link within the email received. 

9. Restriction of access

Cartaloto has the right to end a user's involvement in the blog at any time and without notice or to take out any contribution to the blog in case of inappropriate content being posted. You can report inappropriate content by emailing us at contact@cartaloto.net.

10. Applicable law

The legal notice and GTC are subject to French law.  This also applies in case of divergent translation or interpretation.

11. Get in contact

Cartaloto is here to receive and listen to any comments or suggestions.  You can write to us in English or French by emailing us at:  contact@cartaloto.net.

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