Reference: PSOKMN

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Playing with your favourite numbers is something that appeals to many players! As with the national lottery, participants fill in a blank bingo grid with their favourite numbers. These blank bingo tickets are made of coated paper that copies to a second sheet so that you can easily check and make sure there is no cheating. The big difference with other traditional games is the auto-copying coated paper. The players write on the front of the paper using a ballpoint pen and the pressure of the writing creates a copy of the numbers on the second sheet which will then be given to the bingo organizer. Organisers are therefore in possession of a clear second copy of the grids. Clear instructions are written on the first sheet "No duplicate numbers, no erasures" otherwise the host can cancel the win.

 This 90-ball bingo grid can be played with dabbers or bingo chips. Remember to give the rules of the game before you start.

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  • Made of carbonless paper that copies to a second sheet so that you can easily check and make sure there is no cheating. 
  •  A quick and intuitive special game.
  •  Play with a real bingo grid with blank spaces.
  •  Before starting the game, each player enters his or her 15 favourite numbers, respecting the range of numbers. indicated at the top of the columns and hands the second sheet of copied paper to the organiser for the final check.
  •  This is a very popular game for the players, as they can freely mark all their favourite numbers.


  • Reference: PSOKMN
  • Support: 80 g/m2 Self Copy Paper
  • Quantity/Pack:: 250 games
  • Game dimensions (H x L) : 105 x 148 mm
  • Square dimensions (H x L) : 48 x 135 mm
  • Square dimensions (H x L): 16 x 15 mm

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