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Trio Fétiche

Reference: JOACTF


Do you want to give your participants every possible chance of winning?

Then look no further. This empty bingo grid lets players choose the lucky numbers they want to use! It gives them the chance to create their own destiny. The possibilities are endless. However you choose to fill in your bingo grid, you've got the chance to win big.

These bingo tickets are made of coated paper that copies to a second sheet so that you can easily check and make sure there is no cheating. The big difference with other traditional games is this auto-copying paper. The players write on the front of the paper using a ballpoint pen and the pressure of the writing creates a copy of the numbers on the second sheet which will then be given to the bingo organiser. Organisers are therefore in possession of a perfect second copy of the grids. This bingo grid can be played with dabbers or chips. So why not try your luck?   Try the Favourite Trio!

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  • Quick, easy to use and intuitive.
  •  Single, double and house winning line patterns.
  •  Three grids of 15 blank squares. Before each game, players write down their 45 lucky numbers on the sheet and give the double carbon copy to the organiser so that the winners can be checked at the end.
  •  Printed on FSC-certified single-use recyclable paper.
  •  Designed and manufactured in our French workshops.


  • Reference: JOACTF
  • Support: 80 g/m2 Self Copy Paper
  • Quantity/Pack:: 250 games
  • Game dimensions (H x L) : 210 x 100 m
  • Square dimensions (H x L) : 45 x 75 mm
  • Square dimensions (H x L): 15 x 15 mm
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