Raffle drum

Raffle drum

Reference: ALTGM

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Are you organizing a lottery, a raffle, or a game with a drawing? We have the essential accessory that will make the difference at your events: the steel raffle drum with its nice wooden turning handle.

Our raffle drawing drum is designed to ensure a smooth drawing. Thanks to its steel construction, it offers durability that will withstand many upcoming events. The ergonomic wooden handle adds a natural touch while making it easy to rotate the drum.

With this raffle drum, there's ample space to hold hundreds of tickets. Imagine the excitement when it's time to draw the winning raffle ticket. Whether you're organizing a school fair, a fundraiser for a charity, or any other type of event, this raffle drum is a perfect fit for all occasions.

Don't wait any longer! Order now and provide your audience with an exceptional drawing experience full of suspense.

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Plus Product

  • Convenient to carry and store
  • Professional draw with this raffle drum
  • Trapdoor is easy to open but closes securely so tickets won't fall out while turning. 
  • Raffle drum with wooden rotating handle
  • Great for shuffling raffle tickets
  • Specially designed for raffles, lotteries etc.


  • Reference: ALTGM
  • Couleurs: Brass
  • Quantity/Pack:: 1 Raffle drum
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Diameter: 20.3 cm

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