84 Bristol bingo cards - 6 grids

84 Bristol bingo cards - 6 grids

Reference: GTCBX6-B01-G


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Are you looking for a more durable solution than paper for your bingo tickets, without blowing your budget?

Discover our packs of 84 224 g/m2 Bristol board bingo boards. Each board contains six bingo grids. These bingo boards are perfectly designed to ensure a smooth playing experience, and the format is a firm favourite with regular players.

The advantage of these bingo tickets is that you can offer your players boards with all 90 numbers spread over the 6 grids (grouped numbering), so they can mark off a number every time. If the players prefer to keep the suspense and the quest for numbers alive, then opt for random numbering, with some numbers appearing several times and others absent. The numbers are printed in black for easy visibility, making it simple to play bingo.

Made from high-quality Bristol paper, they can be laminated to make them last even longer. You'll be able to use these bingo boards again and again.
Ideal for game nights, fairs, fundraising events and much more.We're pleased to offer you the best value for money with our superior-quality bingo boards.

 For added playing comfort, you can offer your players bingo wands and magnetic bingo discs to quickly clear their grids at the end of the game.

Color: Yellow

On order

2-3 working days

Plus Product

  • Our bingo tickets are made to measure for all our customers directly in our workshop in Albi, France.
  • When you place your order, everything made is recorded down which means we can monitor closely the bingo tickets you receive. We also guarantee no duplication in the grids or the serial numbers.
  • Our bingo tickets are professionally designed and developed. With one of the largest creation programs in France, we guarantee you no identical winners and a reduced number of ties.
  • Opt for your tickets to be laminated on both sides, protect them from splashes, tears and stains and keep them looking good for years to come.
  • Free and fast personalisation.
  • All our bingo tickets are identified by a unique barcode which enables your tickets to be identified and integrated into the LIB' interactive software for optimised indoor and live bingo event management.


  • Brand: Atelier Cartaloto
  • Reference: GTCBX6-B01-G
  • Delivery: 48/72h
  • Support: 224 g/m2 paper
  • Game dimensions (H x L) : 200 X 290 mm
  • Square dimensions (H x L): 18 x 15 mm

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